Generally, people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. 

We are primarily conditioned to invest our awareness and energy outside of our body, without ever being schooled into the fundamental importance and respectful appreciation of inner somatic development. Our true currency is in fact our vitality and our greatest earthly achievement, supreme functionality. Most are just scraping by or living into life force bankruptcy, drowning in self assurance from the outside in. 

Addictions, illnesses and diseases are at an all time high. Never has there been a more necessary time to invest in our Holistic Habilitation and steer our personal and collective evolution into realignment with Nature.



 Breath Illumination will take you on an extraordinary developmental  journey. It serves as the INITIATION into the Humanus Mystery School and sets the tone for the entire syllabus of Physical Conditioning there after. Without sounding our postural infrastructure, our experiential potential will be very limited and laden with strain. Learning to self govern our earth ship brings about an almighty sense of liberation. Breath Illumination endorses a sense of levitation, out of  ignorance and oppression; our past paradigm.

Learn to most consciously infuse your masculine mind into your feminine fluid body and live from there, everywhere. When the two universal forces of nature are married most effectively and efficiently within, the divine comes online in the spine and rejuvenates our inherent wisdom and abundance. 

This carefully orchestrated breathing method serves to:

  • Awaken Vital Core Consciousness
  • Optimize circulation, mobilise~clean~clear the fluid body
  • Resolve of ancestral strain patterns, traumatic memories, limiting beliefs and attitudes
  • Regenerate the heart's torus field
  • Decalcify and enlighten the endocrine system
  • Resurrect vital postural infrastructure to optimise spinal health
  • Massage soft tissues and reduce systemic inflammation
  • Metabolise fat cells (stored potential energy)
  • Strengthen embodied mental composure
  • Develop Limbic brain functions (preservation)
  • Rebuild bone integrity
  • Arouse the hydroelectric (free energy) potential within the cerebral spinal fluid (primordial water)
  • Revive and sanction sexual life force energy
  • Enhance supreme sensual~sexual~spiritual intelligence
  • Develop the soul~inherent intuition~psychic abilities
  • Resolve of ancestral strain patterns, traumatic memories, limiting beliefs and attitudes

Video content provides step-by-step guidance into the most enriching, embodied meditation practice on earth. Participants are also invited to gain further support through a private facebook forum.

Breathe your cells alive and attune your true Avatar nature.




  • Courtney Webb

    Somatic Sensei

    Courtney Webb

    My passion is my in~bodiment. My business is to make in~bodiment your passion. For over a decade now, I’ve been working closely with a wide range of humans, with a wide range of symptoms and aspirations. Everything from corporate tycoons to professional athletes, also elderly, children, pre/post natal, people with chronic addictions, injuries and illnesses. The extraordinary clients and mentors i have worked with, have accelerated my learning monumentally. Along with my own larger than life journey, i’ve gained a vast amount of experience that has driven me to cultivate a revolutionary perspective in addressing the functional needs of the human body~mind~heart~soul. Many years ago i began exploring matters deeper, passionately seeking to better understand the root cause of postural degeneration, mental~emotional illness and disease. This most personal approach to Physical Conditioning serves to rebuild our true avatar nature from the inside out and ground up. Tying in methods I’ve found most useful along my way, also inventing solutions to mature the rather large subtle body deficits most people have. I hope you enjoy the Mystery School In~bodiment foundations i have created for you. Looking forward to meeting you all. See you in the private facebook forum! Courtney xx