• Courtney Webb

    Somatic Sensei

    Courtney Webb

    My passion is in~bodiment. My business is to make in~bodiment your passion. For over a decade now, I’ve been working closely with a wide range of humans, with a wide range of symptoms and aspirations. Everyone from corporate tycoons to professional athletes, also elderly, children, pre/post natal, people with chronic addictions, injuries and illnesses. The extraordinary clients and mentors i have worked with, have accelerated and enriched my learning monumentally. Along with my own larger than life journey, i’ve gained a vast amount of experience that has driven me to cultivate a revolutionary perspective in addressing the functional needs of the human body~mind~heart~soul. Many years ago i began exploring matters deeper, passionately seeking to better understand the root cause of postural degeneration, mental~emotional illness and disease. This most personal approach to Physical Conditioning serves to rebuild our true avatar nature from the inside out and ground up. Tying in methods I’ve found most useful along my way, also engineering solutions that help fill the gaps i found in other rehab and sports performance methods. I hope you enjoy the Mystery School In~bodiment foundations i have created for you. Looking forward to meeting you all. See you in the private telegram group! Courtney